Looking for lifestyle change?
Want to get back to that fitter version of you?
And live in the Hutt Valley area?
Suburban Fitness isn’t about gimmicks or pressure
just fun effective and challenging workouts.

Struggling to get excited about fitness? Fed up with feeling tired, overweight and unmotivated? Are you put off by the “gym buffs” and don’t want to be tied down to a membership? With simple 45 minute sessions in either the morning or at night, at Suburban fitness we make exercise fun for everyone no matter their fitness level.

You’ve come to the right place

Welcome to Suburban Fitness

 Boot Camps & Personal Training

Welcome to Suburban Fitness. Located in Upper Hutt, Wellington – we offer one on one personal training and boot camps  – with an experienced trainer and friendly, like-minded people.

Boot camp
Boot camps

Group circuit training to improve your overall muscular endurance and cardiovascular system. $25 a week for unlimited sessions – see session timings below.

One on one
One on one

Personal training sessions designed to hit those specific targets. $50 for 45 mins. Receive 10% discount if book 3 or more sessions a week.

Weight loss
Weight loss

Workout at least three times a week, watch what you eat and weight will come off.


I will be there right alongside you every step of the way.

Strength training
Strength training

Utilise those muscles you never thought you had.

Nutritional guidance
Nutritional guidance

As a qualified chef, I can guide you with simple healthy recipes and meal tips. I’ll even cook and do your shopping with you to start you off. $25 per hour for shopping and cooking.

What our clients are saying

Mark Searle – March 2016

Weight loss before photo


Mark Searle - After photo


“I have struggled with my weight for the past eight years. I found it just easier to eat what I wanted and not exercise. The heaviest I have been is 115kg. With eating healthy and Mark Harrisson’s support and Suburban Fitness boot camps I am now 92.7kgs and am loving it. I have an amazing coach and mentor Mark Harrisson, he asked me five months ago to give it a go and here I am today. His programmes and work outs are super addictive and fun. I recommend this to anybody of any fitness level. Thanks Suburban Fitness.”

Laurene Want – May 2017

“I joined Suburban Fitness around six months ago. I wanted to lose weight and tone up. It fits in with my work and family and has become a life style. Mark Harrison is amazing – funny and motivating. I am so much stronger, fitter, toned, and losing inches. There is so much variety in the workouts. No two days are the same, so it’s not boring.”

Vini Watkins – Oct 2016

“Three months into maternity leave I was eager to get fit, get healthy and of course lose the baby weight. Mark was very supportive and made sure he knew what I wanted to get out of Bootcamp. The first week was very hard, but once I got a taste of the fitness buzz, I was hooked.”

Why choose Suburban Fitness?

Fed up with feeling tired and sluggish throughout the day?

Frustrated with the effects of yo-yo dieting?

Unhappy buying clothes to cover up and sick of feeling self-conscious?

Lacking in confidence and feeling miserable?

Gutted because you can’t keep up with the kids anymore?

Here at Suburban Fitness we want to change those feelings, we want you to become fitter, healthier, confident and enjoy life.

I can relate to all those feelings, I used to be over 100kgs, I used to wear baggy clothes, I used to kid myself it was all in the cut. I couldn’t run around with my kids, I didn’t like social settings and I certainly didn’t like going to a big gym surrounded by buff trainers and gym goers.

Through a change in lifestyle, not a diet, not a quick fix, not miracle pills but by exercise and making healthier nutritional choices, I lost weight, I became fitter, healthier and my confidence soared. I also know what it means to hold down a full-time job, juggle family time and the stresses of life. I can and will relate to your struggles and I can and will help you achieve your goals.

Achieve your fitness goals with


Bootcamp session times
Weekdays Monday – Friday mornings 6.15am–7.00am  |  Evenings (except Thursday) 6.00pm–6.45pm
Saturday 7.00am–7.45am



Body transformation over 12 weeks

Working out together with your partner or friend is a fun way to achieve your goals, there is also the added bonus of friendly competition and accountability which will spur you on even when you don’t feel like it. Work out 3 times a week with your partner or friend over a 12 week period to become fitter and healthier, kick starting your journey to a new you.

Can’t make it to the studio! No problem I can come to you.

 You will receive 2 complimentary Suburban Fitness Partner-Fit t-shirts, a workout plan designed to burn through fat and calories and a personal trainer who is dedicated in helping you change your lifestyle for the better.

Just $150 a week for 12 weeks for 2 people
FREE no obligation first session

Mark Harrisson Personal Trainer

Hello, I’m Mark Harrisson

Owner of Suburban Fitness and Personal Trainer

I currently hold a Certificate in Fitness – Personal Training Level 4.
If you have any questions about how Suburban Fitness can help you, contact Mark today.

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Mark Harrisson

Phone: 027 373  0856

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For Boot Camp bookings click here. For other enquiries or questions send us a message below – we look forward to hearing from you.